How the UPbed Works

In a word…Brilliantly!

It’s 4 Beds In One!


For a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep. The memory foam mattress feels like you’re lying on a cloud.


For reading, watching TV and resting. Your body is fully supported so you can relax in comfort.


For crafting, eating, visiting with friends and family, playing cards…everything you would normally do in a comfy chair.


The bed lifts gently and the bottom of the mattress curls in. Your feet are safely on the floor – you’re ready to go!

4 Simple Steps to Get Out of Bed

First and foremost, the UPbed is designed to keep you safe. It’s also designed with caregivers in mind, helping them avoid awkward, unbalanced positions that can cause injuries when lifting someone out of bed.

If you can use a lift chair by yourself, you likely can get in and out of bed independently with the UPbed. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. If you’re starting from under a sheet/blanket, drape them over one of the armrests so your legs and feet are uncovered.
  2. Push and hold the “Lift Up” button. The UPbed will raise you to a nearly standing position where your feet are firmly on the floor.
  3. Check that your path is clear and hold one or both armrests for support and safety.
  4. With your nose over your toes, finish standing up and walk away.

When it’s time to get back into bed, you just reverse the process. Easy!

Popular Bed Positions

Here’s a few ideas from how other UPbed owners adjust their beds for different types of activities:

  • Sleeping & Napping – If lying flat doesn’t feel right, consider raising your head a little bit to help with congestion or snoring. Raising your head a little higher may reduce heartburn or GERD.
  • Reading & Watching TV – First, raise your head up to a comfortable viewing angle where your neck is supported. Raising your legs actually raises up beneath your knees. It’s a great adjustment if you’re not comfortable with your legs fully straight.
  • Activities – Push the “Head Up” button until your torso is in a comfortable, nearly upright position. Then push the “Knees Down” button until you’re in a comfortable sitting position.

UPbed - The "Lift Bed" That Does It All!

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and speak with a USA-based
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