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Sleep Quality Affects Your Health

Waking up refreshed and ready to go is often easier said than done — especially as we age. That afternoon nap in front of the TV might feel great at the time, but it’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep, and it’s probably a sign that you aren’t getting one.

Deep sleep enables the body and the mind to recharge. Benefits of consistent high quality sleep often include improved cognitive function and memory, pain relief, increased immunity, and even weight loss. In short, you just feel better!

There are many factors that affect the quality of one’s sleep. Diet and exercise are key. Limiting alcoholic beverages right before bedtime helps too. Even the lighting in your room can play a part. But all of those don’t mean a thing if you don’t have a good bed and a comfortable mattress.

The question is… what can you do about it? That’s where the UPbed Indpendence and the UPbed Standard come in.

Safety First As We Age

First of all, it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep if you’re worried about getting in and out of your bed easily. For many older Americans, strength and mobility issues can make this inconvenient… and downright dangerous. Some need help from family members or caregivers just to lay down or get up. The simple act of sitting down on the bed and swinging their legs up onto it is no longer so simple.

Struggling to get into your bed at night and worrying about getting out in the morning is no way to relax. The UPbed Independence and the UPbed Standard will put your mind… and body, at ease so that you can peacefully drift off to sleep.

Get Into Your Perfect Position

Okay… you’re safely in bed. What now? Well, always just laying flat like on a basic bed is like having exactly the same thing for diner every night. You’ll survive…but you deserve better than that!

UPbed Independence’s and UPbed Standard’s exclusive adjustable bed frame and custom mattress configuration put you fully in control. The infinite adjustability means you can change positions whenever you want…from night to night or even during the same night.

  • Feeling congested? Raise up the head so you breathe easier.
  • Want that recliner chair feel? Just press a button or two and it’s like being in your favorite chair.
  • Back pain? Adjust both head and legs to get just the right combination that takes the pressure off where it hurts.

Enjoy Comfortable, Cushy Support

There’s 3 parts to maximizing your comfort in whatever position works best for you.

First, there’s the bed frame. Beyond just getting you to that perfect position, it needs to deliver a smooth, quiet ride. Our innovative design engineers specified a sturdy metal aircraft-grade frame and two separate, independently controlled motors to make that happen. The unique frame design supports the mattress evenly, so there’s no need for a creaky box spring that will sag and break over time.

Next, enjoy a mattress even Goldilocks would love. Another key to the UPbed Independence’s and the UPbed Standard’s unmatched comfort is the 8 inch thick breathable memory-foam mattress with heat sensitive support that conforms to your body. It cradles you, supporting you at the bottom, hips and back so they don’t sink down. This keeps them on a level plane with your feet, legs and neck, resulting in a more comfortable night, whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach. Unlike other mattresses, this one will retain its original shape for decades.

Finally, there’s the breathable mattress cover. Its fitted, 4-way stretch fabric is the ideal surface that’s neither hot nor cold. It protects the mattress and is durable and easy to clean. Together, these individual components combine to create the perfect bed for a great night’s sleep.

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