Getting Out of Bed Shouldn’t be the Hardest Part of the Day


UpBed is the only adjustable bed that puts your feet safely on the floor


Every senior knows the importance of a good nights rest, but what about when it’s time to get up and start your day? For many, this part of the day requires excrusiating effort or even the help of another person.


Not any more, the revolutionary UpBed not only offers the best in memory foam comfort for sleeping but literally lifts you up into a "nose over toes" position when it’s time to go. It is one of the leading adjustable beds on the market today. Imagine waking up tomorrow and with the click of a button, being gently lifted into an upright position where you easily stand up and walk away.


More than a hospital bed


Unlike any other adjustable bed, the UpBed is like having four pieces of furniture in one.

  1. A soft, memory-foam bed for a great night’s sleep.
  2. A "sit-up bed" that’s perfect for relaxing while reading or watching TV.
  3. A recliner chair alternative for full sitting activities like crafts, eating, etc.
  4. A "lift bed" that’s like a lift puts your feet on the floor so you can stand up and go.

There’s simply no other bed like it...and it’s available exclusively from firstSTREET in the USA.


An adjustable bed designed for you.


The UpBed Adjustable BedThe UpBed is designed for your safety and independence. If you have mobility issues when exiting the bed, our bed will help you stand up. The UpBed moves you from the horizontal sleep position all the way to the vertical standing position. This allows you to plant your feet firmly on the floor, shoulder length apart, before standing up.


If you position the bed in the recliner position, you can read books or watch TV. When it’s time for dinner, you simply move the bed into the chair position to eat dinner, visit with friends, play cards, or knitting cloths.


When it’s time for bed, you simply move the UpBed into the flat horizontal position, and fall asleep on the soft memory foam mattress.


When you have mobility issues, you won’t have to worry about sleeping in the recliner because you aren’t physically capable of walking from the bed to the recliner. The UpBed is the perfect solution for the older version of you.


White Glove Delivery Service


The moment you place your UpBed order, we take it from there. The bed will be delivered to your home by our friendly and knowledgable technicians. They will put the UpBed in the room you would like, fully assemble it and show you a demonstration of the features.


Why wait another day?


Don’t risk your safety and potentially your independence. If you are having any trouble with balance or getting in and out of your current bed, call us today to learn about our adjustable beds.


Call now toll-free 1-888-654-0588 and learn how you can get your own UpBed!


The UpBed is four products in one

Get a great night's sleep in the UpBed

for a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep

Recline to watch TV in the UpBed

for reading, watching TV and resting

Sit up to eat or do crafts in the UpBed

for crafting, eating, visiting with friends and family

The UpBed puts you right on your feet

that puts your feet safely on the floor - you’re ready to go!

White Glove Delivery & Installation

White Glove Delivery

With our White Glove delivery and installation service, a professional technician will deliver the UpBed to your home, set up the bed and show you how to use it.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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